So I woke up this morning thinking back to 2005. That’s the year where I rediscovered web design. I was given a role in a small startup warehouse company in Norcross, GA as a “web admin”. I’m pretty sure they had as much idea of what that role meant as I did; which was very little to none. Either way, I would spend most of my days learning HTML and CSS. I don’t think I ever really finished a project, but hey, I was getting paid to learn!

Anyways, during that time I was listening to a lot of IDM. There’s one album that stuck with me the most during a lot of the coding time. This album is “Are you an Axolotl” by Nautilis. I’m not sure why, really, but it did. It combined a mixture of IDM, hiphop, glitch, and general nerd weirdness.