Within the past couple of months I’ve been working toward a new career change. I’ve decided that I want to pursue a career in operations; either as a system engineer or system admin. Both seem to play more toward my strong suits. The field I would like to work in would be Linux based, which is another passion of mine. I’d also get to incorporate my knowledge of different scripting languages I’ve learned.

I’ve also picked back up with Reaper (DAW) lately. It’s extremely lightweight (not heavy on CPU), has a vast library of plugins, highly configurable, has a built-in bridge for 32bit/64bit plugins, and you can even write scripts in Python–as well as it’s native EEL and Lua. It just makes the most sense to us it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bitwig and Ableton Live, but Reaper just has so much more and does everything I need it to do.