Last night, I started going through my old github projects and came across a project that I started awhile ago. The project is a simple PHP based app that will be used to catalog my movies and tv shows that I own. I thought this is a perfect opportunity to take my existing MySQL database and hook into a front end that will be easy to update.

So far, I’ve gotten the front end work finished, the database, and some of the scripting in place. When loading the app, PHP makes a SELECT statement to return the full database in a table. Something to implement in the future is limit the selection to the first 100 movies being displayed, or maybe even 50. I’d also provide an option to display the full list and have a search tool.

After that, the goal will be to create a script to to make INSERT statements to the database, and even ALTER to update movie listings. I feel pretty confident in creating those scripts, but I’m not so certain I understand how exactly entries should be inserted into the database. That is, each entry assigned a unique id, along with title, genre, etc. All of this was imported from a CSV file.

I’m going to spend some more time this week researching a bit more, but part of me feels like I’m over thinking it. We’ll see. More updates to come.