Sometimes when I reach a dead end to my projects, or I just need a break, I work on music. Well last weekend was a prime example. Having spent the better portion of Friday trying to come up with the design and layout, I hit brick wall on the electron app project. As for the php movie database project, I’m in no real hurry to get this one completed. So fired up Abelton live, and started working right away on a new track.

I have a template setup to get over the initial setup time, so when ideas hit me, I just work through them as quickly as I can. I knocked out a new track idea fairly quickly. It’s not perfect, and far from complete, but gets the general idea across what I was going for. This one is a bit more grittier than I have been making lately, so it’s not exactly the IDM or eletro-industrial project. Not really sure what to call it but I’m feeling it.

Once I was satisfied with the general structure and layout of the track, I exported it to .wav. Afterwards, I started looking through youtube for something else and stumbled across these old 80s/90s computer videos recorded from VHS. These videos gave me the idea to put video behind the track I just made. I downloaded some of the files using youtube-dl and then loaded up Davinci resolve to edit them together. Below is a teaser of the project I have so far.