Last week was pretty exhausting due to my job being so hectic. But the upside is that since I worked from home all week, I got a few days of project time in which was pretty nice. This project time was spent partly on the php movie database project, and some additional brainstorming on the electron app.

For the php movie database project, I focused mainly on adding some features to the layout: a drop down selector so that you can define how many results will be displayed per page; 25, 50, or 100. I also added in two buttons to the right of each row, an edit and delete button. Now, I just need to write the scripts to have those features interact with the database.

As for the electron app, I got sort of stuck in another loop. This time, I couldn’t decide how the layout should look, so I started sketching it out in Affinity Designer. I also spent too much time trying to decide if I should use React, Angular, or Vue. I’m still not totally sure which, but I think one day I may start taking a crash course in React as it seems to be the most popular one. Javascript is just not appealing for me, and I’m struggling to find any other way to make this app for my wife.

As I type this out, I started wondering if I’d have anymore luck creating the app in Swift since, ultimately, she’ll be using the app on either her laptop, iphone, or ipad. Makes sense to use that language, AND there’s some pretty hand tutorials online that I just stumbled across. I’ll need to look into it some more and see if it’s something that I think I’ll be more interested in. We’ll see how that goes.

Here’s a throwback to my late 20s. I used to play this album a lot and gave me such inspiration.