Last week I had another one of those moments where I wasn’t sure what direction to take the Flask app. It’s like a code a little bit. Hit a wall. Do some research, get a new idea, take a different approach. Then find myself way off course a week later.

I went from Flask, to Vue.js. Learned a little bit about Vue.js, and then decided I needed a front end for a Vue.js site, so I fired up Affinity Designer and started creating a mockup of a site.

Here I am a week later, and I don’t have a finished product yet…let alone, something I can play around with. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I stay on course with anything I do?

I do want to circle back to the Vue.js app to get something up, so maybe I’ll work on that some more tonight or tomorrow night. Then I’ll pickup the Flask app, and then who knows what project I’ll start on next. There have been a few interesting articles I’ve read recently that talk about using Django. Maybe I’ll check that out, or dig into a purely Javascript project. We’ll see.

In other news, I feel somewhat accomplished at work since I helped create a script to pull in customer information from the chat window. This script grabs a ticket number, account information, contact’s name, contact’s email, and even the agent’s name. Copies it to the agent’s clipboard, and allows them to quickly post this to a the VIP blog.