In 1995, my family bought a computer that we all had to share and it was glorious. I’m not sure of the exact specs now, but something along the lines of a 486 by HP. This was my gateway into everything, including music. My friend gave me a copy of ScreamTracker 3 and that was the beginning of my music making days.

I would spend hours tracking out songs, staying up late on the weekends. Any ideas that came into my head, or any samples I came across, I would create something with it. Being 15 at the time, let’s just say I had a nice collection of samples from The Goonies and Transformers. Needless to say, the songs were all silly little loops with wacky samples.

Eventually, I would get my own computer where a few years later, I picked up a copy of FL Studio; then called Fruity Loops. This is probably where my music making made more of a serious turn. I could create more layered and rich songs, fleshing my ideas out.

In mid 2006, I heard about a new music making software, Ableton Live. This software wasn’t like others at the time, and still my favorite so far. It was designed for musicians who wanted to compose either in the studio, or as the title implies; in a live environment.


Below is a collection of various tracks compiled over the course of 2018. The tracks are mainly just early 90s inspired techno-industrial type stuff.


This is the most recent collection of tracks that I’ve created. I started some of them probably middle of 2013, but “released” it sometime toward the end of 2015.