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  • New decade new approach (21 Jan 2020)
    New year, new decade. What is in store? There are things I want to do, but it's best I don't start getting into them yet during the planning stages. Aside from that, I still plan on learning ruby more.
  • Slowly ever so slowly (03 Oct 2019)
    I'm still learning Ruby, and it's going ever so slowly. I try to squeeze an hour here or there, but I just don't have the time to sit down and devote to it like I want to. I like what I'm learning, though, and I know it will be rewarding once I'm finished. Just have to stick with it. I've been so tempted to veer off course like I normally do, but I haven't yet. One thing that helped keep me going is that I learned that it can be used as a scripting language inside of Chief Architect--which is a architectural drafting program.
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