Tag: flask

  • Jabbascript (20 Feb 2019)
    Last week I had another one of those moments where I wasn't sure what direction to take the Flask app. It's like a code a little bit. Hit a wall. Do some research, get a new idea, take a different approach. Then find myself way off course a week later.
  • Making more steps (14 Feb 2019)
    Yesterday I spent probably way more time than I should have on this, but I decided that I would start a personal, professional, brand for myself. The goal is to have an online presence to help build my experience and portfolio.
  • Feeling flasky (09 Feb 2019)
    No matter what, I always seem to gravitate back to using Python. It really is my favorite language to use. Because of this--and reading some inspiring blogs published by other programmers--I've decided to stick with Python. It's really a versatile language, so I've decided to start using it again.
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