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  • Check in time (05 Feb 2019)
    Last week was pretty exhausting due to my job being so hectic. But the upside is that since I worked from home all week, I got a few days of project time in which was pretty nice. This project time was spent partly on the php movie database project, and some additional brainstorming on the electron app.
  • Digging into electron (23 Jan 2019)
    Going through my Github repos, I came across another project I started on last year. My wife needed a simple app to use at school. She's a teacher, and as a reward system, she gives the students money, or "Fernbucks", as it's called. The idea for this project is to create a simple Electron based app that will track the amount of money given to the students for each class. The app will also need some sort of data persistence to save each classes dollar amount.
  • Php movie database (20 Jan 2019)
    Last night, I started going through my old github projects and came across a project that I started awhile ago. The project is a simple PHP based app that will be used to catalog my movies and tv shows that I own. I thought this is a perfect opportunity to take my existing MySQL database and hook into a front end that will be easy to update.
  • PHP and me pt.2 (08 Jul 2017)
    I've given more thought to what I want to do, what I want to learn, and my overall career goals. This is something that continues to evolve but I'm starting to see more what I don't like and what I do like so it's motivating me a bit more. Plus, my confidence is pretty high right now... at least with my Linux knowledge, just need to work on coding now.
  • PHP and me (22 Mar 2016)
    I decided sometime last week to put Python aside for a moment while I started working on a personal project. The goal of the project is to create a web app to help catalog my son's Thomas mini trains. So far, it's a basic CRUD app built using PHP and MySQL.
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