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  • Jabbascript (20 Feb 2019)
    Last week I had another one of those moments where I wasn't sure what direction to take the Flask app. It's like a code a little bit. Hit a wall. Do some research, get a new idea, take a different approach. Then find myself way off course a week later.
  • Check in time (05 Feb 2019)
    Last week was pretty exhausting due to my job being so hectic. But the upside is that since I worked from home all week, I got a few days of project time in which was pretty nice. This project time was spent partly on the php movie database project, and some additional brainstorming on the electron app.
  • Php movie database (20 Jan 2019)
    Last night, I started going through my old github projects and came across a project that I started awhile ago. The project is a simple PHP based app that will be used to catalog my movies and tv shows that I own. I thought this is a perfect opportunity to take my existing MySQL database and hook into a front end that will be easy to update.
  • Nes and unfinished projects (20 Jan 2019)
    This morning I came across an NES-style CSS frame work called... [NES.css](https://github.com/nostalgic-css/NES.css)! Based on what I've been seeing, it does pretty well to capture the charm and nostalgia of the classic menus and feel for NES games. It comes complete with progress bars, icons, containers, etc.
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