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  • Making more steps (14 Feb 2019)
    Yesterday I spent probably way more time than I should have on this, but I decided that I would start a personal, professional, brand for myself. The goal is to have an online presence to help build my experience and portfolio.
  • Feeling flasky (09 Feb 2019)
    No matter what, I always seem to gravitate back to using Python. It really is my favorite language to use. Because of this--and reading some inspiring blogs published by other programmers--I've decided to stick with Python. It's really a versatile language, so I've decided to start using it again.
  • Fun fun functions (19 Nov 2016)
    Tonight I spent some more time with Python. I tweaked the posts.py script so that it would insert the time and timezone along with the date in the date section of the front matter. The next step will be to create a module and setup file so that I can install this in future projects.
  • A Python in my Flask (21 Oct 2016)
    It's been awhile, but I'm currently working on a few tutorials for learning Flask. I've enjoyed working with Python so much lately that I thought it may be more fun to continue using Python for the web.
  • More Python scripts (09 Mar 2016)
    Earlier in the week, I finally finished a Python script to help me out at work. The script is written in Python3 and will generate a list of email aliases for a user-defined amount. The use case is that, say you need to test out a signup form, or some email list where you can receive multiple emails.
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